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Pulitak hygiene stations


In 1994 after HACCP regulations, Latik diversifies production, patenting the first version of Pulitak, a system for hygiene and hands and footwear sanitizing from food business operators.

In 2000, Pulitak received from the Geneva Inventions Exhibition an international recognition for innovation in the field. During these 22 years of experience, Latik setted up more than 1500 hygiene facilities and is constantly evolving to ensure the excellent quality of its products and to confirm itself as market leader. Now Pulitak is available in 12 models that can be customized in 50 variables. In 2014, production was extended to the new plant of San Daniele del Friuli(UD).

The most popular machines range from the models: Monopass ( to the Total model (

), which provides control of the cleansing and hygiene process with three steps to comply with the programmed procedures. All of our achievements are available at

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